Sunday, December 7, 2014

Knitting 2015

A while ago, Judy blogged about her Knitting Plan for 2015. She chose a pattern or two to concentrate on each month.

Before the end of the year, I want to finish Carabe which needs sleeves and buttons. If there is time, I'd also like to finish Heathered which needs one sleeve, a button-band, and buttons. That will probably be pushing it with the holiday festivities this month.

My current short list (all Ravelry links) of projects I'd like to knit is below. I know with my office's upcoming move in May, I won't have a lot of time to knit, but hopefully I can knit a couple of these next year.




While I know I don't need any more yarn, I can't say I won't buy any next year. I'm hoping to keep buying to a minimum though. This year I did pretty good until things at work got really stressful.

Of course, the more time I spend on Ravelry, the less likely any of these items will be knit. ;0)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Yarn Report - Week Ending 12/5/14

Here is my haul from the Black Friday sales. Now I want to cast on all the projects, but I won't let myself until I finish Carabe and Heathered. By that time it'll be January and it'll be time to start BlueSand, which is OK.

The Loopy Ewe had a sale on their sport and DK weight yarns.  I got one skein of Shalimar Breathless DK in Black Truffle (for a hat) and Madelinetosh Pashmina in Big Sur (YUM!) for a sweater.

ESK had their big Black Friday sale. You are guaranteed at least 10% off, but could receive anything up to 100% off.  Most of my yarn had a power boost so I kept moving up levels on the yarnathon which gave me $20 or $25 credits. I ended up finishing the yarnathon. This was my first time actually finishing. All the yarn has a specific project linked to it except for a couple of the single skeins. Those will likely become a hat or mittens.

I'm done ordering yarn for this year except for a yarn sale that starts on Christmas.

On the Needles - 12/5/14

I finished the button-band this week. Man did that take a lot longer than I had expected. I have ordered buttons which I hope will be close to the aqua stripes color. They shipped yesterday so maybe next week's picture will include buttons. Now I'm off to sleeve island! Funny how in my mind I always think I can get so much done, but then I get distracted with Ravelry or just don't have the energy after a long day at work.  My goal for next week is to have both sleeves started and the buttons (provided they look OK) sewn on.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

On the Needles - 11/28/14

The body should be bound off but I was a bit distracted this week. I finished the body and all that's left is to bind off the ribbing. Next up is the button-band and collar. If I'd get off the dang computer, I just might have some progress pictures for you next week.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yarn Report - Week Ending 11/21/14

Guess what?!?!  Nothing came in or was ordered this week!  I'm preparing for Black Friday though.

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used/Destashed To Date: 8,549 yards

Added this Week: 0 yards
Added To Date: 39,035 yards

Net Used/Destashed: (30,486) yards

Friday, November 21, 2014

On the Needles - 11/21/14

After I took this picture, I finished the last contrast stripe. I should be able to start the ribbing Sunday since we have a busy day tomorrow. I have to work Monday-Wednesday next week but hopefully can a good start on the sleeves at the end of the week.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Yarn Report - Week Ending 11/14/14

I finished a second Windschief hat which used 125 yards. 

Both of my WEBS orders came last week but I didn't get to post until now. The first package had some new (to me) yarn and new (to me) colorways.  Shalimar Equus, Homage, and Madelinetosh.

The second order had Rowan Pure Wool Worsted yarn to use for Hay Cove, the test knit that Judy just finished. I ordered a couple extra colors in case one color didn't play nice with the rest.

The two purples that didn't make the cut.

I also received an order from Madelinetosh which had two colorways that I wanted to see in real life - Fir Wreath and Simone.

Used this Week: 125 yards
Used/Destashed To Date: 8,549 yards

Added this Week: 5,342 yards
Added To Date: 39,035 yards

Net Used/Destashed: (30,486) yards