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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Judy's Quilt Along

Judy is doing a QuiltAlong for her pattern Bears in the Farmhouse. You need to email her at to sign up. She will email each step as it comes out. You need to post a picture of each step in order to receive the next step.

Here is the first step - the fabrics I'll be using. The pattern calls for stripes but I don't have that many stripes to make this quilt, so I'm going "out of the box" and using a "what was I thinking" fabric (that would be the brightly colored dogs fabric if you hadn't guessed LOL) along with coordinating fabrics in my stash. I'm still not set on what I'll use for the sashing and borders, but I've pulled several candidates. Following Judy's lead, I'm going to call it Dogs in the Doghouse. The bright dogs fabric will be the base of the bear paw. The bright greens, yellows, pinks, etc. will be the claws, with a black background. The checkered fabric is from the same collection as the bright dogs so I may use this as the last border?!?! I might use the blue/purple fabric (next to the checkered) for the sashing within the block?!?!?

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KathySWFL said...

That is going to be one bright quilt Amy! Can't wait to see it put together.