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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Exhausted....that would be my answer this week if someone asked me to describe myself in one word. Work has been crazy and then I don't sleep well because I keep running through everything that needs to be done in my mind. I thought after Monday it would quiet down a bit but nope, it hasn't. Except for going to a basketball game on Tuesday, I haven't done anything all week outside of work, until today. I found some energy (with a nap in between) to work on my bear paws for Judy's Quilt-Along. I have half of the paws made. I'm still trying to decide on the sashing fabric to go in between the paws. I'll have to decide soon.

While I've been busy at work, the company where DH works at is slow and they're thinking about shutting down for a month to let orders build up. I'm hoping they just keep with everyone working 32 hours, but if they shut down hubby could collect unemployment for the month.

I'm also preparing for my school. I did my online orientation. My textbook came in the mail on Tuesday and the software should arrive tomorrow. Then I will be ready!

The weather is finely starting to melt the ice. The FedEx man wouldn't drive down our driveway when he delivered a package on Tuesday because the driveway was all ice. He tied it to the mailbox post, right next to the highway. Sure glad it wasn't anything more fragile....and that it wasn't raining or snowing that day. We reached 48 degrees today. If the sun would have been out, it would have been perfect. Tomorrow is suppose to be in the 50s. Hopefully the weekend is just as nice.

Tomorrow night we'll be watching the North girls play. Saturday is the THIRD time the boys will be playing against the rival South team. They lost the first two games so hopefully the third times the charm. It's hard to believe that this weekend could be the end of the season for girls and boys. I'm sure we'll still watch some of the state games, especially the championships.

Tonight is CSI. I can't wait to see Taylor Swift. After seeing the previews, I hope she likes being a blond because she doesn't look good with dark hair.


Penny said...

Oh Amy - what a cutie!! Is that Riley or Sonny?

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy - You are SOOO freaking busy - no wonder we don't see much of you anymore...and now going to school! OMG girlfriend...I'm so proud of you! What are you taking? Can't be anything quilty - cause you already know so much!
Miss you...BIG HUG!