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Friday, March 20, 2009

It's the Weekend!

It was a long work week! I'm glad it's the weekend! I first got into the sewing room on Wednesday. I finished making the sub-units for the feathered star. Yesterday I decided it was time to get the binding machine down onto the 30s Pinwheel Stars. Then I worked on hand sewing it to the back while watching the boys state bball games. I worked on it some tonight too and now I'm halfway. Who made this bugger so big?!?!?

Did you know tomorrow is National Quilting Day? Are you doing anything special? The LQS is having some demos and giveaways but hubby will be home tomorrow so I'll probably stay home and work on some projects here. We'll probably be doing some "spring cleaning" too.

My goals for the weekend are:

- Finish binding
- Finish feathered star
- Cut border for Dogs in the Doghouse
- Finish my 3rd class assignment and forward to instructor
- Declutter in the bedroom

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