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Monday, May 11, 2009

Ohio Part 2

When we went for a ride Friday morning, we saw this family of geese with their babies. Hubby counted about 40 babies....obviously they were from several mamas. This is Grand Lake-St. Marys in Celina, Ohio.

Friday & Saturday before we went to the races, we went to the fairgrounds and checked out the 3rd Annual Ribfest at the fairgrounds. We were amazed by the huge banners and trophies at each vendor. In order to vote for your favor ribs and sauce, you had to have eaten (sampled) at three of the vendors. We first at Sgt. Oinks. The sauce was good but the ribs were a little tough. Next we ate at Smokin' Joes. I didn't care for their sauce, it was a little spicy and thin for me. Third we went to My Happy Place. We both agreed their ribs were the best so far. I also liked their sweet and mild sauce, but in small doses. The one tasted like it had kiwi or mango in it. That was all for Friday. Saturday we got ribs from My Happy Place and then some brisket at Jrs. We both agreed their sauce was the best. That was all we had time for so we cast our votes and headed off to the races.

Friday night rain ended up cancelling the races after the first four heat races. Saturday we went into the pits before the races. Hubby said, hey you need to check out Sammy Swindell's car. I don't really care for him as a driver, so I'm like why? He says just look. Low and behold his car was sponsored by Honey Run Quilters!!!

While we were gone, our resident robin's eggs hatched. You can just see one of the baby's heads to the right of where she's standing on the nest.

It's good to be home. I like getting away now and then, but it usually only lasts a couple days and then I'm ready to be home.
Now I have to get busy and use up some of that new fabric I bought!!!

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