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Monday, September 7, 2009

Introducing Zoey

Our newest family member. She was born on June 20 and was bought by our friends at the 4-H small animal auction at the fair. (Our friends have a business and buy the animal(s) for PR so then we get the goat. Better for the goat than the other alternative.) The girl who raised her had named her Petunia, but we're changing it to Zoey. She is Roxie's (the goat we got from the auction last year) sister. She is a tiny little thing. I don't remember Roxie being that small when we got her but I'm sure she was. She told me a sob story the majority of the way home. When we were leaving the parking lot you should have seen the people's heads whip around when she started bellaring....sounds just like a child screaming. They probably thought I was murdering her.

Below is a picture of Roxie (right) with Zoey. Roxie isn't too excited to see Zoey (see the hair raised on her back). She tried to ram her a couple times so we'll keep them apart when we're not in the pen with them until they get used to each other. I had thought Buddy would be the bully but I guess Roxie finally has someone smaller than her so she can finally bully someone.

Now we have to decide if we're going to keep Buddy or not. He is really sweet and friendly but man does he cause damage to the trees, even with wire around them.

I'll try to get some better pictures of all of them once hubby gets home from work. It's a little difficult to take pictures, stop Roxie from ramming Zoey, AND stop Buddy from chewing on my pants/shirt at the same time.

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