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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Madison Quilt Show

On Friday I went to the Madison Quilt Show. I met up with Pat from Bell Creek Quilts. It was great to have someone (other than hubby) to check out the quilts with. We both were in awe by the amount of quilting on some of the quilts and we both have similar quilting styles. (Great minds think alike after all.) I only took a couple of pictures because we were busy talking and critiquing the quilts. Here are the few pictures I took....

I absolutely love golden retrievers (don't tell my boys). Some day I'd like to own one.

This is called "Love My Golden" by Valerie Cook of Janesville, WI.

I took a picture of this quilt because I recognized a lot of the items since we went boating on Elkhart Lake this summer.

It's called "The Elkhart Lake Quilt" by Susan Balisterri of Elkhart Lake, WI.

I thought this one was just fun and cute. I love how the curls on the sheep make it look like the wool and look at those sneakers!

It's called "Footloose" by Rachel Wetzler of St. Charles, Illinois.

This one was the most creative. There is a quilt block with at least 26 pieces whose name corresponds with the respective letter of the alphabet. The name of each block is embroidered in the inner border. Look at how she finished the quilt!

It's called "Alpha Block Celebration" by Janet Stone of Overland Park, Kansas.

Then on to my purchases. The Quilt Sampler magazine was the only thing on my "list" that I found at the show. The Gobble Gobble kit I thought was really cute and hadn't seen before (although many vendors had it). I had seen the Back on the Farm BOM by McKenna Ryan. My niece had asked about a goat quilt pattern, so I just bought her the one block for Christmas.

I was a little disappointed, a lot of vendors had reproduction/civil war items or the same Thanksgiving/Halloween items. On the bright side, it helped me not spend a lot. I guess I'll look online for my other items. ;0)


Lori in South Dakota said...

I am so jealous, you guys looked like it was a good day at the fair! Did you buy any "food on a stick"???

Pat said...

It was fun visiting all the quilts with you! and you took way more pictures than I did and we both kept the spending down! :) I'll look online for the other *stuff* I want/need, too.