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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Secret Project

I've secretly been teaching myself how to knit. At first I didn't even let hubby know in case I couldn't figure it out. When he did see me knitting, he's like what are you doing? Then he said, "Why?" See if I knit HIM anything!

After starting over several times practicing the knit and purl stitches, this is what I've accomplished to date. It's suppose to be a hat (eventually). I didn't do the ribbing part though because I wanted to just work on making each row the same stitch until I felt comfortable. Now I'm starting to "slip" a stitch. Nothing too exciting. There are a couple spots where there is a hole probably from a stitch falling off the needle, but it's alright for my first project.

My goal is to eventually make a sweater for myself.

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Penny said...

Amy, I think that is wonderful!! I have thought about doing that. Does the yarn touch your hand enough to chafe?