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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Show Your Stash

Judy has challenged those who read her blog to show pictures of their stash (as it is right now, without "cleaning" up first. The goal is to take pictures again in January to show how/if your stash has changed (i.e., more organized, show reduction in stash). So, shall we start?

Here is the right side of the closet in my sewing room. On top of the bins is yardage that's more than 5 yards. There is one row of bins on the bottom that didn't get in the picture. Sadly in front of them is a pile of fabric that won't fit in the bins. There is some room for more yellow and purples.

Under the sewing table...overflow fabric, fat quarter bundles and a tub with fabric. I'd like to get this cleaned out and in the closet or the cabinet by the end of next year.

Cabinet with more yardage. It's organized by color but not folded nicely.

On the left are wire bins with fat quarters, jelly rolls, acrylic templates and some patterns. On the right - four colored boxes to hold BOMs/current projects. The white tower is for scraps (cut to size) which I haven't really gotten to yet so it's pretty much empty.

Here is the left side of the closet...kits and projects waiting to be worked on. This one makes me cringe. It's one of my goals for the rest of this year and next year. Eventually I'd like to use this side for the fat quarter or scrap tower.

Here is my every growing pile of tops waiting to be quilted. This is stored in my bedroom which is where my quilting frame is.

More overflow fabric in my bedroom closet. The top left bin is leftovers from my Third Weekend in October quilt. The two bins underneath are full of fabric. The top right bins are for Eleanor Burns' Grandmother's Garden quilt. The red bin is full of scraps that need to be cut down to usable sizes. There is another long, narrow bin underneath that has Halloween fabrics.

So that's what my current stash looks like. Are you brave enough to show blogland YOUR stash?!?!


Kare said...

You do have what appears to be a lot, but the majority of it seems pretty well organized! I'm anxious to see some "after" photos!

StitchinByTheLake said...

It is a lot but you know where everything is and isn't that the key to having a great stash? :) blessings, marlene