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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let the Shop Hop Begin

Tonight I started quilt shop hopping. I only went to one shop, and I only bought two patterns. Tomorrow I'll go to a couple more. I don't plan on going to all of the shops that are participating because some don't carry the type of fabrics/style that I like.

The topic of insurance came up the other day regarding your stash/quilting stuff. Whether all of your fabric, etc. would be covered under your regular home owner's insurance or if you need to have a list/photos. So I started taking inventory of my patterns and books so I can be more organized (and also so I do not end up buying two of something).

I also did some sewing. I finished sewing the rows together on Alpha Buddies. Only two borders and it can join the huge pile of tops to be quilted. ;0) Have I said before how dang cute these blocks are? The only thing I thought was interesting was for the letter "N" they have a Narwhal. Am I the only person who has never heard of a Narwhal before?

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