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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Project Inventory - Witches Brew

I first saw this wallhanging in the Keepsake Quilting catalog and immediately fell in love with it because it's so lifelike.  By the time I decided to order it, it had been sold out.  But when I was at Paducah for the quilt show two years ago, the pattern designer, Seams Like Home, had a booth and was selling the pattern, kit AND (what I feel makes or breaks the quilt) the face/hands of the witch.  There was no way I could pass that up because I never would have been able to make the face turn out that good. Mine would have looked like a cartoon character.  


orchidlover said...

That's great. I love the fact that they've printed out the face

Love and hugs gina

jillquilts said...

Love that kit!! I've never seen that one before!

Suzanne said...

I've seen the pattern before but didn't know you could purchase the face and hands too...lucky you!