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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 37 Stash Report

Since I'm on vacation in California, I have nothing out this week.  It just so happens that the one area we visited had a shop hop, which I couldn't pass up!  I behaved pretty good (because I don't have much room in my carry-on) and only added a 1/2 yard to my stash (along with several patterns).  So I'm currently even.  When I get back home I'm planning on getting that net usage back to where it belongs!!!

Here are my numbers:

~ Fabric Used this Week: 0 yards
~ Fabric Used YTD: 87.75 yards

~ Fabric Added this Week: 0.5 yards
~ Fabric Added YTD: 87.75 yards

~ Net Usage: 0 yards

Go to Judy’s blog and see how others did with their stashbusting this week.
Click to enlarge the picture to see the animals that were "barking" non-stop 24/7 near where we were staying.  From land you cannot see them (only hear them), but when zoomed in, you can see there are many sea lions hanging out on this rock in the middle of the ocean.  Hubby counted at least 50 on this side of the rock.


SpinningStar said...

You were great on limiting the fabric puchases. I would have serious damage if I was there - it seems that stores in other areas always have a different variety of fabrics and patterns that I can't resist.


Kare said...

I wonder if people get used to the sound of them barking . . . we once had a home next to wetlands and when we first moved in I could not get used to the peepers (frogs) that made noise all night long, but after awhile, I did not hear them anymore!

Suzanne said...

Wow-good self control in Cali! I'll be there in a couple weeks myself...hope I do as well as you.

kwiltnkats said...

What part of CA were you vacationing in? It must not have been San Diego because I'd be all over the Shop Hop! Ours that takes in around 20 shops is annually held in March. Sorry you had such a restriction on your vacation...there is always the opportunity to use a mail service :)!

Karen S said...

What a cool picture of the rock/seals.

jillquilts said...

Great job on your stash report! Love the sea lions pic!! :)

Quiltsmiles said...

Hope your are enjoying your Vacation. Great control too on your purchases. I love htat Witches' Brew from Joan Jones too. Nice selection and great buy. Jane