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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 43 Stash Report

Nothing added this week.  I decided to "wing it" without instructions and make a sweater knitting bag.  I made the handle by looking at the sock bag Jill made for me earlier this year.  It took me two tries but then I got it figured out.

I also finished sewing everything together on the Eagle quilt yesterday.  I've ordered the fabric to make the new border, so it's temporarily on hold until that comes in.

Here are my numbers:

~ Fabric Used this Week: 0.5 yards
~ Fabric Used YTD: 105.00 yards

~ Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
~ Fabric Added YTD: 100.25 yards

~ Net Usage: +4.75 yards

Go to Judy’s blog and see how others did with their stashbusting this week.


Kathie said...

your still going in the right direction on your numbers

Kate said...

Cute bag. Still moving in the right diretion on the stash!

Tamera said...

That eagle quilt is so beautiful!

SpinningStar said...

great quilt - and the numbers are going in the right direction!


Barb in Mi said...

Nice quilt and positive numbers - good for you!

Kare said...

Wow, the Eagle quilt is impressive - can't wait to see what you've chosen for the border!

Suzanne said...

The Eagle quilt looks great-fab job!

jillquilts said...

I would be happy with numbers that you have! Even though you are hovering around net 0, you are still in the black! lol