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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Productive Day Off

I got quite a bit done on my day off, even though it wasn't exactly what I should have been doing (like quilting the Eagle top).

Four Infinity Star blocks are now done.

Since you can't really see any detail in this picture, I finished clue 2 and started clue 3 of the Anna mystery shawl.  I'm almost halfway.  The final clue came out today, so now i just need to get 'r done.

Of course, I also did the housecleaning/holiday/exercising type stuff too.


Lori said...

looking at the shawl makes my eyes cross. I'm not a knitter--I'm always in awe of those that are! And a mystery knit project--how would I know when I had done it WRONG!

Nope, pinks not my color either. My stash LOOKS like it's winning, but I have oodles of finished tops to be quilted, the backing laid with them.

jillquilts said...

Those blocks look great! And the shawl is turning out awesome!!