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Monday, February 7, 2011

To-Do List - Week of 2/6

New week, new list.
  1. Finish last Infinity Star block
  2. Cut sashing pieces for Infinity Star
  3. Finish azalea cowl
  4. Work on Canterbury Crossings sashing
  5. Cast on azalea hat
  6. Cast on Elphaba (if I can figure how to use single ply yarn) or Sprossling
  7. Go on treadmill at least 3x (Sunday-1.5 miles)
  8. Gather tax stuff
  9. Pick up more dog food
  10. Blow out Sonny (weather permitting...supposed to be 30s by the weekend)
  11. Go to basketball games
  12. Go to baby shower

1 comment:

jillquilts said...

That is quite a list! I am trying to keep up with writing some daily things to do and have been doing OK for the week. We'll see what happens tonight. lol