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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Year of the PIGS - Why, Why, Why????

I'm a little late responding to the Year of the PIGS question from last week.  The question is WHY do you have PIGS and UFOs?  Boy, is this a loaded question.

The main reason I have UFOs is because:

a)  I have Quilter's ADD and get sidetracked by another project,
b)  I get to a part of the project where the piecing becomes tedious/putzy (and I get lazy); and/or
c)  My project is ready to be quilted and that's my least favorite part of quilting.

The reason I have PIGS is a little more difficult to answer but usually it's because I am already working on something when the kit or idea comes.  Then by the time that WIP is done (or to the flimsie stage), I have another project/kit that I want to start.  Another reason, there are only so many hours in the day and unfortunately, not enough of it is devoted to sewing; especially now that I've learned to knit.  Now that I have slowed WAY down on buying kits, I'm hoping I can get some of them turned into finishes or, at the very least, UFOs.

That's it.  I've spilled my guts.  What's your reason?

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jillquilts said...

It seems like we all have the same reasons. :)