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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beginning to Dislike Wednesday

Last Wednesday my in-law's decided to have their Labrador put down.  She had cancer for about a year and up until the last couple weeks she had still been "happy" acting like nothing was wrong. 

Today I found out they put down their oldest Samoyed.  She was in pretty rough shape, couldn't hear or see very well anymore and she was passing blood and had stopped eating the last couple days.

They have two dogs yet, but I hope they're done visiting the vet for a while.

So if you have any four-legged, furry babies give them a big hug every day because you just never know how long he/she/they'll be around.


Karen said...

We just had to have our dog put down this weekend. It was overdue. It sure isn't easy and I miss her a lot.
I am just thankful for the years we had to love her and enjoy her.

jillquilts said...

This must be a very rough time for the in-laws. Thanks for the reminder to give my pups a good once over!