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Friday, April 1, 2011

March Accomplishments

Wow, it's hard to believe that March Madness is over already.  It seems just like yesterday that we were starting the basketball season and now it's over (except for NBA which goes on year-round it seems).  But now basketball is over (for us) and it's on to baseball!!  So besides basketball, what did I accomplish in March? 
  • 11 hours spent sewing and back in the black on my weekly stash report
  • Finished adding the borders to Infinity Star
  • Piecing the backing for Infinity Star & loaded it on the frame
  • Completed by March UFO project - Delightful!
  • Finished piecing Canterbury Crossings
  • Started cutting Tea with Betsy & Martha
  • 53.75 hours spent knitting
  • Finished knitting body and sleeves on Elphaba
  • Finished Clue 2 & started Clue 3 on the Cynthia mystery shawl
  • Cast on Channel, a test knit pullover sweater (halfway done with body)
  • 28.6 miles walked/slogged
  • Still reading Voyager - just under 500 pages left
  • Started reading Rattlesnake Crossing during vacation (there is no way I was lugging a 1000-page book (see item above) in my carry-on. 
  • Went on vacation to Las Vegas & Phoenix
I'm surprised that my sewing time wasn't higher because it felt like I did quite a bit of sewing.  Oh well, I've got a good start on raising that number for April.


Lori said...

I'm amazing at how much time was spent knitting. And slogging. I asked for a treadmill for Christmas. (walking outside here in the winter--well, some day I'll tell you about my broken leg/ice incident!) Been so busy, the treadmill is STILL not put together. Pieces are laying out waiting for two men to have time to finish it. By the time it's put together, it will be 4th of July. I am feeling like such a TOAD and wanted to use it.

jillquilts said...

Way to go on your accomplishments for the month. Very impressive!!!