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Monday, August 8, 2011

FO: Miss Doolittle

Another finish!  I started this scarf back in June and it took me exactly 2 months to finish it.  Mind you I did put it down to finish another project during that time.  Miss Doolittle is a fairly easy pattern by Anne Hanson (KnitSpot), but you do need to pay attention.  I ended up messing up a couple times on the second half, and thankfully fixed the problem without having to go back too far.  This also was my first project where I grafted (with the kitchener stitch) two pieces together.  That way the design goes is the same direction when it's hanging down.

I have several other patterns of Anne's on my to do list, one of which is a cardigan, which I will probably start after my Camp Loopy Project III is finished, hopefully by Sept. 15.  Now that I have Miss Doolittle done, I can work on my Washington Medallion blocks until next Monday when we start our Camp Loopy project.  More on my Camp Loopy project later. 

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jillquilts said...

Awesome! Love that scarf! And check you out with the grafting!