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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Aidez - Day 9

I decided to take some sicks days for my shingles to heal.  An update:  Yesterday my medical doctor requested that I get an eye exam to make sure the virus wasn't infecting my eyesight since there was so much swelling around my eye.  Thankfully my eye looked good and today the swelling is starting to go down.  Yeah!

Anyway, with all this time on my hands, I've been keeping busy by working on Aidez.  This week's assignment is another 6 inches.  I've currently got 9.5 inches done.

Middle (back) section

Front right


jillquilts said...

It looks fantastic!! And I am glad to hear that the swelling is starting to go down. Keep me posted!

Regina said...

It's lovely - sorry it had to take the shingles to get you so much knitting time. Heal fast!

Mrs Quilty said...

I'm a knitter and that is beautiful work! WOW~

Mrs Quilty said...

Shingles is the worst! Been there, done that! So sorry but sounds like you are getting some better!