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Sunday, November 13, 2011

To-Do List - Week of 11/13

I did pretty good on last week's to-do list, plus did a bunch of stuff over the weekend that wasn't on my list.  I'm adding quite a bit this week.  My main goal is to finish Tea w/Betsy & Martha so I can get it shipped off to Alycia for No Soldier Forgotten.
  1. Drop off donations at SVP
  2. Finish sewing Tea w/Betsy & Martha rows together - last 2 rows are pieced, just have to sew all rows together.
  3. Iron stabilizer on back of t-shirts for friend's t-shirt quilt
  4. Re-size & print photos for my brother
  5. Trim dogs' nails.
  6. Knit at least 2 more inches on twisted rib cowl (need ~4 inches total).
  7. Finished border #1 on Tea w/Betsy & Martha
  8. Add border #2 on Tea w/Betsy & Martha
  9. Add border #3 on Tea w/Betsy & Martha
  10. Vet appointment
  11. Make 4 patches for Regina
  12. Wind bobbins to finish quilting Infinity Star top.
  13. Finish quilting Infinity Star top (~halfway)
  14. Photo yarn stash to add to Ravelry

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