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Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Year in Review

What was I up to in 2011???? 


Quilting took a huge nose-dive in 2011.  I only finished 2 projects and donated one top (to Alycia for No Soldier Forgotten).  I did a terrible job on Judy's UFO Challenge.  I think part of it was that in January I had the motivation to quilt some of my flimsies but the numbers I had designated for flimsies didn't get picked.  So I fell off the wagon.  Knitting also took away a lot of time that I normally would have spent quilting.  So this year I'm just making a quilting goal to finish projects that have already been started.  Surprising I still logged 93.25 hours spent quilting!

Stashbusting results:

Stash Used:  26.25 yards
Stash Added:  37.25 yards
Net:  +11 yards


I finished 20 knitting projects.  Two projects were started the year before.  The rest were started and finished in 2011.  I had fun participating in MadMay with the Madelinetosh Ravelry Group and Camp Loopy with The Loopy Ewe Ravelry Group.  I look forward to participating in both again this year.  I was shocked to see that I spent 716.7 hours knitting in 2011!  That's crazy!


Exercising started a little slow but picked up around March when I was getting ready for the Cellcom 5K.  I entered 8 run/walk races, of which one was a 10K and one was 4M.  I logged 267.7 miles and fell 26 miles short of my "virtual walk".  (I should be able to reach my "destination" this month.)  The 100-mile Challenge definitely helped boost my mileage.  The best part was that my blood sugar and cholesterol numbers all came back in the normal range which is what I've been aiming for the last couple years!  I'm participating in the 100-mile Challenge again hoping to get me moving more in January & February!

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jillquilts said...

Way to go!! I can't wait to see what your virtual destination was! :)