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Friday, June 29, 2012

On the Needles - 6/29/12

Wednesday was the start of Project #2 for Camp Loopy.  I'm knitting the Gemini top.  I have about 3.75 inches knit.  My goal is to knit at least 1 inch each day.  So far I'm ahead, but with the holiday coming up, that may change.

I also made some progress on Nightlock (sorry no picture) before Wednesday.  I started the final stripe section and halfway through realized that I should have done 3 repeats in the previous section.  I jumped the gun I guess.  I'm going to add a couple extra stripes to make up for it.  I wouldn't have to though, it would just be a smaller shawl.


Judy D in AZ said...

Great pattern. After the lace part is done, it should knit up pretty quickly.

Mary said...

Great progress on your Camp Loopy project. I added that pattern to my Raverly queve.