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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

To Do List - 6/20 Update

I got quite a bit done today which is amazing because I did go slogging this morning.  I set my alarm for 5 a.m. so I could get started while it was "cool" out.  (It was 76 degrees when I started.)  By 5 miles I was starting to slow down.  Thankfully at 7.25 miles hubby came to check on me, and I quickly jumped into the (air-conditioned) car.  I had had enough for today. 

I kept jumping around on stuff because I really didn't feel like doing any one thing.  So let's see what I was up to:

  • Cut dogs' nails/trim pads and brush. - done 
  • Contact Dell about the cracks in the frame on my laptop screen. - Nope.  I didn't feel like dealing with customer service
  • Slog - might have to put on hold if too hot. - yep, see above
  • Sew at least one row of sashing and blocks together (t-shirt quilt). - two more seams before it's a complete top
  • Wind yarn for Camp Loopy Project #2. - done
  • Knit at least 6 jagged edge rows on Nightlock. - knit 12 rows knit off and on while watching the Brewers game
  • Visit mom - tomorrow!
  • Go through a pile of quilt magazines - decide what to keep and what to sell/donate - went thru a couple; many more to go through - then it's on to patterns
  • Resize Cellcom photos and email - Nope.
  • Resize go-kart photos - Nope.
  • Photo new yarn stash and post in Ravelry - done
  • Photo Project 1 for Camp Loopy and post on The Loopy Ewe - done
  • Clean/refill hummingbird feeder - done

The rest of the items I'll work on the remainder of the week.