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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tough Love

Seeing that the new year is fast approaching, I figured it was time to think about my goals for next year.  The other day I sat myself down for an intervention.  I had been looking at all the packages I had just received from Eat Sleep Knit's Black Friday sale and realized I needed to make some changes in the new year.  Prior to knitting, I went overboard on buying fabric.  I have traded one addiction for another.  Now I am going overboard buying yarn. 

The one good thing is that 80% of the yarn that I buy has a specific project in mind.  I see a pattern that I like and immediately want to order yarn so I can start it, but then another pattern comes along and the cycle repeats itself.  To most people this would sound like a reasonable system, but in my case I don't knit that fast so I have a fewlot of projects in my queue on Ravelry.

So my goal for next year is to work on knitting the projects in my Ravelry queue and only buy yarn for the project I'm going to work on next (if I don't have the yarn).  The only exceptions are the current yarn club I'm in and Camp Loopy.

On the quilting side, I want to continue working on Washington Medallion...hopefully even finish the top.  I also need to make a baby (girl) quilt for a close friend's daughter.  She's due in May so I will need to get started soon.  I bought a kit on our trip to Iowa in August that I think will be cute but I'm waiting to hear from the mom-to-be if they have a theme or color scheme for the baby's room.  On the wish to-do list (and repeat goal), I'd like to reduce my flimsie pile and get some of them quilted.


Darling Jill Quilts said...

Tough love sucks! I am starting to love knitting again after starting a sock on Thanksgiving. I just got the heel turned. I will be so happy next year when I have a lot fewer deadlines! :)

Nic said...

I hear you. I have so much yarn tucked away fir projects in my ravelry queue that if I ddn't buy any more for the next two years, I'd still be ok. I'm going to try and be good this year too, with the odd show spend for good behaviour :)