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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

To Do List Update - Week of 3/25

Some progress has been made.  I will tackle the quilt on Friday since I'm taking a vacation day.

  1. Piece batting for Nighty Night Owl - Thursday night/Friday
  2. Load Nighty Night Owl on frame - Friday
  3. Quilt Nighty Night Owl - Friday or Saturday
  4. Bind Nighty Night Owl - Sunday?
  5. Trim dogs' nails and paws - Friday
  6. Blow dogs out
  7. Graft hood on Charleston Tea
  8. Start buttonband on Charleston Tea - done although may have to rip out because it curls.  Fingers crossed I can block it out
  9. Sew buttons on Charleston Tea
  10. Weave in ends on Creedence shawl
  11. Block Creedence shawl
  12. Cast on Pamir hat (only after quilt has been quilted)
  13. Wash dishes
  14. Burn DVDs of photos for Jeanette & Rachel

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