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Monday, May 27, 2013

To Do List - Week of 5/27/13

We got a lot done around the house over the weekend.  Thankfully the weather has been great for working outside, sunny and cool.  The rain is coming though (later this afternoon and then pretty much the rest of the week), so it's time to get outside and finish up the outdoor stuff.  Later today I plan on sewing since I don't have anything on the needles right now.

  • Plant last 2 peony bulbs and saplingstoday
  • Clean out flower beds/pull weeds - the newest flower bed is 1/2 done
  • Fill potholes in driveway - today
  • Pick up perennials to plant in newest flower bed - Tuesday
  • Wash windows
  • Continue ripping grapevines out of treeline - weekend
  • Wash kitchen floor (when rain is over)
  • Repaint porch railing - once the temps warm up!
  • Cast on Fjord hat
  • Re-do button-band on Charleston Tea
  • Cut setting triangles for Washington Medallion (UFO list) - fabric 1 is cut; need to cut fabric 2
  • Piece setting triangle/block rows for Washington Medallion (UFO list) - one row pieced; work on today
  • Make backing for Recipe for Friendship flimsie (UFO list)
  • Load Recipe for Friendship on frame (UFO list)
  • Quilt Recipe for Friendship (UFO list)
  • Make binding for Recipe for Friendship (UFO list)
  • Bind Recipe for Friendship (UFO list)
  • Photo newly acquired yarn for Ravelry
  • Go through boxes under quilt frame
  • Declutter in bedroom closet

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    Darling Jill Quilts said...

    WAY TO GO!! You got a lot done! Now get that outside stuff out of the way so you can knit and sew! :)