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Monday, May 6, 2013

To-Do List - Week of 5/6/13

I didn't make much progress on my to do list last week.  We took a little road trip over the weekend so I wasn't able to get stuff done at home.
  1. Plant peony and hydrangea bush - Wednesday
  2. Take bags to Goodwill - Wednesday
  3. Clean out flower beds - start on Wednesday
  4. Mow lawn - Wednesday
  5. Wash kitchen floor (when rain is over)
  6. Repaint porch railing
  7. Continue knitting Cabernet shawl (Mad May)
  8. Cast on Fjord hat (after Cabernet is finished; qualifies for MadMay if cast on May 1)
  9. Re-do button-band on Charleston Tea
  10. Cut setting triangles for Washington Medallion (UFO list) - fabric 1 is cut; need to cut fabric 2
  11. Piece setting triangle/block rows for Washington Medallion (UFO list)
  12. Make backing for Recipe for Friendship flimsie (UFO list)
  13. Load Recipe for Friendship on frame (UFO list)
  14. Quilt Recipe for Friendship (UFO list)
  15. Make binding for Recipe for Friendship (UFO list)
  16. Bind Recipe for Friendship (UFO list)
  17. Photo newly acquired yarn for Ravelry
  18. Go through boxes under quilt frame
  19. Declutter in bedroom closet

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Darling Jill Quilts said...

What a list! You can do it all!! :)