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Monday, June 3, 2013

To Do List - Week of 6/3/13

I've been busy weeding in the newest flower garden.  One more little patch and hopefully I'll be done for a while.  Also working on my Camp Loopy project.

  • Plant last 2 peony bulbs
  • Clean out flower beds/pull weeds - the newest flower bed is over 3/4ths done
  • Pick up perennials to plant in newest flower bed
  • Plant last 4 perennials
  • Wash windows
  • Cut dogs' nails
  • Repaint porch railing - once the temps warm up!
  • Cast on Magine - Camp Loopy Project #1
  • Continue knitting Magine
  • Cast on Fjord hat
  • Re-do button-band on Charleston Tea
  • Washington Medallion - Sew on floater border #3 (UFO list)
  • Washington Medallion - Sew on block rows (UFO list)
  • Make backing for Recipe for Friendship flimsie (UFO list)
  • Load Recipe for Friendship on frame (UFO list)
  • Quilt Recipe for Friendship (UFO list)
  • Make binding for Recipe for Friendship (UFO list)
  • Bind Recipe for Friendship (UFO list)
  • Go through boxes under quilt frame
  • Declutter in bedroom closet

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    Darling Jill Quilts said...

    Still an ambitious list! :)