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Monday, July 22, 2013

Camp Loopy Project #3

Sheri posted the project 3 Camp Loopy project requirements last Wednesday.  Our project has to be 800 yards which pretty much means a really big shawl, blanket, or a sweater.  I'm kind of shawled out right now and don't need a blanket since I have so many that left me with a sweater.  I looked at my queue and immediately thought of On the Grass (Ravelry link).  I placed an order of Madelinetosh Vintage yarn in the colorway Oceana (just can't shake the blue-green colorway).

After I placed my order, I bought the pattern and after reading it thought it was a little more time-consuming (for me) for a one month project.  So I started searching for other patterns that called for worsted weight yarn and fit the amount of yarn that I had already ordered.  (Not that ordering more would be the worst right, but I didn't want to give the Loopy Elves more work.)  A little while later I came up with Winifred (Ravelry link) which was in the queue.  This is a new (to me) designer but the pattern doesn't seem too complicated. There is one cable down the front and the rest is stockinette knitting.  I'm currently thinking short sleeves, but might do 3/4 length if I have time.  (I told hubby my plan for short sleeves and his reply was why would you want a short sleeved sweater?)

I did my swatch today and had to go up one needle size to get gauge.  Loopy is guarding my yarn until August 1st when I can cast on.


Amy said...

LOL. "Why on earth would you want a short-sleeved sweater?"
Too funny of a comment! Thanks for sharing. Tell me about this Camp Loopy business! Knitters ? Crochet too? LOL

I spent WAY too much time on Ravelry last night. Soooo many projects faved. Oh dear!

Happy BEAUTIFUL Monday

Darling Jill Quilts said...

That is a lot of yarn! And you have a Loopy? That is not good... I know what you have to do to get one! lol