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Friday, August 16, 2013

Knitting Report - Week Ending 8/16/13

Judy has decided to start a weekly knitting report similar to the weekly fabric report to be accountable for all those Boxes of Fun that keep showing up.  I am joining in and will report what yarn arrived (if any...LOL) and what patterns I bought during the week.  I was going to be brave and post my yarn numbers since the beginning of the year, but I am chickening out too embarrassed.  This way I can actually have ONE week where I am not in the hole.

I didn't buy any patterns and no yarn arrived this week.  Next week will be a different story since there is a box heading this way from Seattle.

Although I didn't buy any patterns, it doesn't mean I didn't want to.  This year I've been trying not to buy any patterns unless they're on sale or it's a project I know I'm going to make.  This week the new Twist Collective Fall 2013 collection came out.  The Fall edition always has lovely sweaters...with cables.  I love cables!  Although I must confess that I have never knit anything with such elaborate, all-over cables like some of these.  There were several gorgeous sweaters that I put in my favorites, such as:

Rafters is a cardigan, and it's my favorite from this collection.  Look at those gorgeous cables!!!  Bonus is it's top-down.

Ossel is gorgeous but it's a dress pattern.  It's knit from the bottom-up so I could probably turn it into a sweater length. I love how the Moss stitch looks with the cables.

Svanhild is a turtleneck....perfect for the cold Wisconsin winter.

I like the cables on the sleeves and sides of Farthingale.  I'm not a fan of lace on pullovers though, so I would knit it without the lace on the front and back.

Last, but not least is Foxcroft.  I like everything about this except for the collar.  I'm not a fan of such large collars.  This one might be worth trying to figure out how to change it to a regular neckband.

All pictures are from the Twist Collective website.

Used this Week:  0 skeins
Used since August:  0 skeins

Added this Week:  0 skeins
Added since August:  0 skeins

Net Used since August:  0 skeins

Visit Judy's blog to see other blogger's knitting reports.  Tune in to next week's report to see my new yarn.


Judy Laquidara said...

Those cabled projects are gorgeous. I also loved cables. You're such a good knitter, you could easily do any of those. I can't believe you've kept up with your yarn purchases this year.

Amy said...

What a fun rundown of potentials!!! SOOOOoooo much fun in your future :)

Darling Jill Quilts said...

The rafters is very cool!! Now you are making me want to knit and I have sooooo much sewing to do! :( lol