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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

To Do List - Week of 12/1/13 Update

Couple of items crossed off and a couple added. 

This Week
  1. Fix cable mistake on Gelsomina sleeve
  2. Finish knitting the sleeves on Gelsomina
  3. Return pictures to great aunt
  4. Seam Gelsomina together
  5. Cut dogs' nails
  6. Buy ingredients for cookie baking
  7. Make cookie dough for cookie baking by mom
  8. Go through test pictures - sort, re-size and upload
  9. Order/pick-up remaining Christmas gifts
Coming Weeks
  1. Wrap Christmas presents - half done
  2. Send out Christmas cards
  3. Finish the buttonband on Charleston Tea
  4. Finish sewing on the last rows to Washington Medallion
  5. Paint living room
  6. Cast on Dianthe (January)
  7. Cast on Just Thumbkin mittens (ravelry link)
I'll be adding to the lists as things come up.

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