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Friday, January 10, 2014

To Do List - Week of 1/6/14 Update

This Week
  1. Continue knitting on Packer Baktus - Yes
  2. Teach friend how to knit
  3. Sew buttons on Charleston Tea - after Packer Baktus is complete
  4. Cast on ESK - Q1 KAL project - fingerless mitts or mittens
  5. Sort through and post testing pictures from 12/14
  6. Finish reading current short story, then start Doctor Sleep
  7. Vet appt - Sonny
  8. Go through catalogs
  9. Contact internet provided
  10. Fill out paperwork
Coming Weeks
  1. Finish sewing on the last rows to Washington Medallion
  2. Mail paperwork
  3. Organize knitting patterns
  4. Paint living room
  5. Cast on Dianthe (January)
  6. Cast on Just Thumbkin mittens (ravelry link)

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