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Friday, March 13, 2015

On the Needles - 3/13/15

Kinta is finished except for blocking.

I immediately cast on Quickdraw, a cute cabled pullover. The yoke construction is new to me. You knit the back right shoulder, the back left shoulder and then cast on for the right front. Each "part" you are supposed to cut your yarn when you complete that portion. I am a little worried about the fit so I started a new skein for each part rather than cutting the yarn. Once I get to knitting in the round and see if it'll fit, I will cut the yarn from the two skeins not in use. I just started the cables on the front so the picture doesn't look like much yet. This week was pretty crazy at work so I didn't get to knit during the week, but I'm hoping to get some knitting time this weekend.

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Dar said...

Pretty color in the newest project. Love how you staged your finished project.