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Friday, June 12, 2015

On the Needles - 6/12/15

Sorry I've been MIA, not much computer time lately between work, walking for hubby's work challenge, and trying to knit all the projects.

After finishing the baby blanket, I cast on for the ESK's No Sleeves KAL. The pattern is Merewether and it's knit bottom-up. I cast on not once, not twice, but THREE times.  The first time I thought the fabric was too loose so I change the needle size and went up one pattern size. The second time I was rolling along and then I saw this.

I twisted my cast on! Two hours of work down the drain. I ripped it out and cast on for the third time. I managed to twist it AGAIN, but I caught it right away and fixed it. So now I've finished the ribbing and have knit 1.5 repeats of the "pod stitch".

In between, I cast on and finished my first project for Camp Loopy. I can't get a good picture of the colors from this yarn (Meadowcroft Rockshelter in Four-Twenty), but trust me, they are gorgeous! It makes me think what a sunset would look like in the Serengeti. The pattern is Copilot and it was so quick and easy. I can definitely see knitting this pattern again since it's perfect for variegated yarn. In the picture, the cowl is doubled up. It's long enough to wrap around my neck twice.

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Anonymous said...

Your cowl definitely looks like Serengeti sunsets - it's perfect.

Sharon Massena said...

We all do those things. I'm working on a baby blanket for the second time - same yarn. Looks like a pretty item. I think you'll be happy with it.