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Friday, August 21, 2015

On the Needles - 8/21/15

Sorry I've been MIA, I had lost my knitting mojo. My Camp Loopy Project #2 - baby cardigan did not get finished in time, it still needs sleeves. I cast on Camp Loopy Project #3 (Gideon shawl), but the yarn I chose didn't seem to suit the pattern so I ripped it out. Feeling kind of lost on where to go from there, I decided to take a break. A couple weeks ago I attended the STITCHES Midwest show. I only went to market and managed to keep my purchases to only 5 skeins of yarn and one bag.

Last weekend I decided to try knitting the mini fox to earn the Eat Sleep Knit (ESK) Mini-knit badge. He didn't turn out too bad for my first knitted "animal". He has a big nose but oh well. Since Sonny keeps shedding and because I didn't have any stuffing around, I used some of his fur to stuff the fox. You can tell he's thrilled in the picture.

I decided to focus back on the ESK badges and cast on the Hermione's Sock pattern to satisfy the KAL and also to earn the Fill Your Boots (sock) badge. I'm halfway through the gusset section on sock #1. As you can see, there is a little pooling action.

Once I complete the socks, I only will have the Happy Hooker (crochet project) and Special Delivery (birthday) badges left to complete from the first three quarters. Next month is my birthday so that leaves the Happy Hooker badge. Hopefully I can earn the last two badges before the Q4 badges are announced.

Visit Judy's blog to see what's on everyone's needles.


Dar said...

I'd say you showed great restraint at the Stitches show. By the way, where is it held. I've never heard of it before. Your Hermione's socks are pretty. I've done that pattern and liked it a lot. It sounds like you have many irons in the fire when it comes to knitting and crocheting. Never a dull moment, right?

straythreads said...

you found some very pretty yarns. love the socks

Judy S. said...

Hi Amy!

Can't believe you lost your knitting mojo! I didn't do Camp Loopy this year as I felt a lot of pressure doing it last year. Decided I wanted to do whatever I felt like doing. I've got a question: You made Heathered as I recall. Do you like it? I'm thinking of doing that. Any advice would be wonderful.. Did you make any changes?

Judy (Shaw)
PS Love your new yarns! I'm working on a Hermione sock too. It's a nice pattern.