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Saturday, February 28, 2009


After the long, busy work week I have absolutely no ambition today. It really sucks because today hubby is working and I really wanted to sew all day, but nothing is calling to me. I did cut the pieces for the last two QOV blocks for my online group. I also started quilting the 30s pinwheel stars but I just wasn't "into it". Now I'm sitting on the couch watching a movie until the pizza is done. Then I'll probably go back upstairs and quilt a couple more rows.

I also was a bad girl this morning. I ordered some fabric. I didn't pay attention when I joined the Washington Medallion BOM that the background fabric needed to be ordered separately. I need 5-1/2 yards which the most I have is 3 yards of a cream fabric. So this morning I placed an order for some cream and also added two fabrics that I liked. Oh well, I worked hard this week and deserve a little "fun".

Tonight is the girl's first regional game as they had a buy for the 1st round. I hope they can win, but they just haven't been playing as good as they did in the beginning of the year. I just can't believe the season is almost over. Although on a happier note, that means that spring (I hope) and the Brewers games are just around the corner!!!

Maybe by noon I'll get more ambition so I can salvage some of the day. TTFN!


Vicky said...

Uh oh -- stash enhancement! I'm gonna tell on you!!!!!! LOL

That quilt is so gorgeous. Smart move to go ahead and get the backing for it now! Besides, what's a little yardage between your stash busting friends! :) :)

Anonymous said...

I linked to your blog from your comment on Vicky's blog (L.A. Quilter). You certainly have made a number of great looking quilts. Looks like you tend to lean towards deep and/or bright colors. I bet if you have pastals in your stash they're collecting dust. LOL. Also, LOVE your furbabies. They are truly handsome and regal looking.