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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Julia, School, Square Dancing & Washington

Yep, lots of things to "chat" about today!

First, winter storm Julia has arrived....gosh can you believe it....10 storms this winter. I've had enough. And I can't call Julia a SNOW storm because so far she's been a mixture. When I left work it was sleet, then it turned to more rain and by the time I got home there was more snow. Geeesh Julia, make up your mind! I'm settled in for the night. I brought a laptop home from work so if the roads are bad tomorrow I can still do work. Although we're right on the bottom edge of the snow so we shouldn't get too much, but the winds are suppose to pick up later and then the roads will be even worse. I hope this is the LAST snow/sleet/ice that we get this winter. I'm ready for spring!

Speaking of work. I'm going back to school...kinda of. I'm taking an online Excel class to learn more of the capabilities of the program. Like quilting, I'm kind of self taught in Excel. Towards the end of last year, I started doing reports for one of the VPs and pulling the information has been very time consuming and cumbersome. A co-worker from another office has taught me a little bit about pivot tables but I'd like to learn more of what the program can do to make me more efficient and make my job easier. My book is ordered and next week I need to order the Microsoft 2007 Suite software since we still have the 2003 version at work but the class is the 2007 version. At least I get the student discount!!!

Tonight I sewed the rows together on Square Dance Kids. I'm suppose to add a border but I need to decide what fabric I'm going to use since I don't have enough of the fabric that I used for the Step 1 border. I could see leaving it as it is, except that it's pretty small right now. I'll think about it for a while. Now that the the Step 2 pieces are sewn together, I can concentrate on quilting the 30s Pinwheel Stars on Saturday! Woohoo!

Last but not least, my first block came for the Washington Medallion BOM. I was surprised to see we're starting out right away with the feathered star! I figured we'd make some of the border blocks first. Making a feathered star was one of my 2009 goals so I'll be able to mark that off in the near future!!! I was delighted to see that the quilt shop has all the fabric neatly labeled so I don't have to guess which fabric is which on the pattern.

OK, time to get back to work.

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