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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fish & Heritage

This morning bright and early we headed down to Arlington Heights to check out the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association's swap meet. Good God, I thought I was in Paducah! We got there a couple minutes before it started and there was a huge line. When they started letting people in, it went fast though. It was a zoo though, but I stuck it out since hubby went to the Madison quilt show and lived to tell the story.

Hubby had called one of the vendors yesterday and arranged to get some albino bristle-nosed plecos (below). The picture didn't turn out very good because it wanted to focus on the algae, but you get the idea. They eat the algae in the tanks, so he doesn't have to clean the tanks as often.

We also got some blue rams. I'd never heard of them and we've never had them before so we'll see how it goes. They don't look like much in this picture because their colors are "off" because they're still kinda stressed out.

We can't go through Milwaukee without stopping at Kopps Frozen Custard, our favorite place there to get food & ice cream. They make the biggest burgers!!! The flavor of the day was Reese's Peanut Butter Kupps ice cream, which we took a pint to go.

I took a breather when we got home and then decided to hit the sewing room. I started piecing the Heritage blocks into rows. I'll work on it more during the week if I get a chance. I really should be quilting the 30s Pinwheel, but I don't want to start that until I have a couple hours to devote to it at one time. My "design wall" is made up of foam insulation sheets which I taped together with duct tape. A couple of pieced needed to be "reinforced" with the red duct tape you see in a couple of spots.

  1. Getting to the swap meet without getting lost
  2. Kopps Frozen Custard - Yum!
  3. Sun shining the majority of the day
  4. Finally getting closer to finishing Heritage
  5. A good weekend


Vicki said...

I think this is a fab quilt. I have nightmares over pinwheels but in those colors, yum!!

Anonymous said...

Love your colors. I saw someone else's and this is a great design, no matter what strips you use with it, I guess.