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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quiltathon/Doghouse & Snow

It's Quiltathon day, and I've been busy making HSTs for Judy's Quilt-Along, which I'm calling Dogs in the Doghouse. I have half of them squared up. I'll work on them more tonight and tomorrow.

The snow day I was hoping for on Wednesday decided to show up today. We were suppose to get 2 to 5 inches and we've gotten all of the 5 inches. And it's still snowing! The boys thought it was too warm in the house so they wanted to go out. The first picture is the first time I left them in, but after Riley had shaken some of the snow off. The other two pictures (Sonny, then Riley) I took right after I left them in from their kennel. Hopefully you can click on the picture and see a bigger's so cute. Although I really could have done without more snow.


Penny said...

Look at those faces!!!!!

Pat said...

we have the snow too. DH has been out twice to blow the drive. Now I am brave enough to go to the mailbox :)