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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ready for the Weekend!

This week sure seems to be going by slowly.

The weather is back to the high 20s/low 30s, with possibility of snow on Saturday (go figure) and early next week.

Last night I added two more rows (one block row and one sashing row) to the Heritage top. I have to make three rows with the blocks. Then all the rows will be done and I can finish sewing the top together.

I received my backing fabric for Heritage and Portobello Market (which hasn't even been started) yesterday. So the shop I ordered from has redeemed themselves. Hubby had off yesterday and called to tell me the FedEx man dropped my package off in the middle of the driveway. I'm like, what? He said he honked the horn and when hubby came out told him he was afraid to get out of the truck since the goats were up on the porch. Plus he must have seen the geese on other deliveries and wasn't sure if they were mean. Hubby told them no, they're just really noisy!

I can't wait for the weekend....what's taking so long for it to get here?!?! Saturday I'm going to the Hinterberg Quilt Expo in West Bend. I have my class to learn how to quilt feathers and will probably check out the vendors before my class. Sunday I'm planning on a sewing marathon since hubby is suppose to be working. I really feel like I'm getting behind since I can't sew as much during the week.

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Penny said...

I'n excited for you about the feathers class. I am taking a alss in feathers, next month. We should compare notes!

Have fun this weekend.