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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quilt Show

This morning I went to the Manitowoc Quilt Show. Here are a couple of my favorite quilts. The first two are the same pattern (a BOM that the guild did), different colorways.

This quilt was made from a Lori Smith pattern, but I don't remember the name (sorry). I love the center.

I also checked out the vendors. And would you believe it, I left with NOTHING, zip, zero, nada! Most of the fabrics were older lines. I did see the new Atkinson Designs book, Fabulous Fonts(?). I resisted and figured I'd wait for Chicago which is coming up really fast!

Of course the boys wanted to go along for a ride. Riley likes to lie down in the far back of the truck. We haven't taken out the salt bags (extra weight for in the snow) yet. This didn't stop him, he just lied down on top of them. (Please excuse the tow strap and jumper cables that hubby just threw in the back instead of wrapping them up nicely.)

Here's Sonny lying right behind the passenger seat so he can keep an eye on me. He also likes to look out the front window and "chase" (jumps from the middle to the back) the oncoming vehicles sometimes. We're stumped as to how he chooses which ones to "chase" because one time it could be a car, another a truck.

It's that time of year again. The geese are laying eggs. They have two nests, one in the back of the house and one in my flower bed in the front of the house. Hubby grabbed two eggs (from our African goose) that we knew were fresh the other day. He took them by his parents. MIL weighed the goose egg and it weighed 8 oz. Here is a picture of an egg from our Toulouse goose (which is smaller than the African's) next to a store bought Grade A Large chicken egg. Quite a difference huh? That will be some omelet!

An update on "Crabby" (as I call her) the goose that landed in the dog kennel the other day. She's back to her old, "vocal" self again. Honking when someone walks outside near her or goes past the door/window. That's her egg in the picture.

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