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Friday, May 8, 2009

Greetings from Celina, Ohio

We decided to leave after I got home from work last night instead of first thing this morning. This weekend is the World of Outlaw races at Eldora Speedway. Hubby must have been in a hurry to get here because we ended up driving all the way, instead of stopping halfway. We arrived at our hotel at 1 a.m. (or midnight our time).

We had one minor issue. We stopped at one of the travel plazas on I-80 to get gas and some kid from New York asked us if we could "spare a couple dollars". He was real original and started by asking if my tie dye shirt was a Grateful Dead t-shirt. Then asked if we were deadheads because he was following them. Thankfully he gave it up pretty quick and left. That's the second time we've been asked for money at these plazas. I think we'll get gas before getting on I-80 on the way home.

When we got up we drove around town a little and checked out the lake (Grand Lake/St. Marys). Apparently there is a fishing tournament this weekend. A couple of the guys in the rooms around us were up very early to check out the fishing conditions.

After eating at the Chinese buffet, we went to The Quilterie and Cozy Cabin Quilts. I bought a couple books and some fabric. I'll post pictures when we get home....I left the cord at home. :0(

It's currently drizzling and the radar looks like it'll be here for a bit, but should clear out in hopefully an hour. We're taking a little break and then we're going to check out "Rib Fest" at the fairgrounds. Then we'll head to the Eldora Speedway and hopefully all of the races will get in tonight and tomorrow.

I'm getting the "hurry up and get off the computer" look, so I better shut down......someone must be hungry.

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Pat said...

Have a fun time in OHIO!