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Monday, May 4, 2009

Week #18 Stash Report

Our internet has been out so I couldn't post my totals yesterday. It hasn't changed from last week's though. Nothing in and nothing out. That doesn't mean I haven't been sewing. I completed two Patchwork Party blocks which I'll post pictures when the internet comes back on. I've also made some progress on Double Dip of Mint Chocolate.

Here are my numbers to date:
  • Fabric Added: 0 yards
  • Fabric Added to Date: 57.50 yards
  • Fabric Used: 0 yards
  • Fabric Used to Date (goal 150): 83.50 yards
  • Net Used: 26.00 yards
I also did my official weigh-in yesterday and no change on the scale, but lost another inch in my waist.

This week I will continue working on Double Dip+ and Patchwork Party blocks.

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