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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vacation turned into Staycation

Hubby is on shutdown for two weeks, and I have vacation all next week. We had talked about going on a little (only 500 miles each way) road trip to Missouri and Iowa to watch races but only if there was zero chance of rain. After hubby got home on Thursday we (OK, I) decided not to go. Hubby was beat from the heat and humidity at work and there was a chance of rain in Iowa but I didn't really want to do the long drive or deal with the mid- to high-90 degree weather. So now we're just going to do some day trips instead. (I was kinda looking forward to going because one of our stops would have been the Fons and Porter quilt shop, but maybe it'll happen next year.)

So yesterday we trekked into town and bought some paint for the porch railings. We're having a party for the 4th of July so we have to do some work around the house. Then stopped at Sears and ordered a new treadmill. I would have preferred not to have the extra expense, but the belt keeps slipping on our current one so I won't use it. With it being so hot out now I haven't walked outside much. I'm not a morning person so I can't drag my butt out of bed to go walk before work when it's cooler.

Our friends were taking their new (to them) boat out for the first time so we went out on Elkhart Lake for a couple of hours. Hubby did a little bit of water skiing. It was nice and relaxing. So much that I forgot to keep putting on more sunscreen and got a nice sunburn on my legs and shoulders. :0( It hurt some last night but not too bad today. So like that song from several years ago goes.....Don't forget the sunscreen!!!

Today we haven't done much. Next week we'll check out the Milwaukee Zoo, Domes and probably take in a Brewers game. And work on cleaning up the house for the party. ;0)

So with the heat and now vacation, no sewing going on here right now. I hope to get some in next week. It's not suppose to be so hot which is a good thing.

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Pat said...

Sometimes a Stay-cation is better than a vacation! Enjoy your time around home :)