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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week 25 Stash Report

I've been cutting fabric here and there for Pick and Choose this week. I managed to use another 3.75 yards with no new fabric coming in.

Here are my numbers to date:

  • Fabric Added: 0 yards
  • Fabric Added to Date: 84.50 yards
  • Fabric Used: 3.75 yards
  • Fabric Used to Date (goal 150): 108.00 yards
  • Net Used: 23.50 yards
Judy mentioned that we're almost halfway through the year and if we're on track with our busting. I'm happy with how much fabric I've used to date. I know I won't get as much sewing done soon because I have several huge project deadlines coming up at work, but I think I can meet my goal of 150 yds used by the end of the year. I had hoped that my net used number would have been bigger at this point, but I'm slowly chipping away at it. At this point, I'll be happy if I can finish the year with using more fabric than I bought.

My goal for this week is to keep working on Pick and Choose.


Pat said...

That's the spirit!

Keep sewing and the stash numbers will reflect it :)

Now I just need to *take my own advice*! I'm off to the sewing room....

EileenKNY said...

Don't you just love Pick & Choose? I've pulled loads of FQs to do this quilt. Unfortunately, I haven't had the motivation to start it.