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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week #23 Stash Report

I had a great stashbusting week. I donated 8 yards to St. Vinnie's, gift a kit of 3.5 yards to my niece for her birthday (sweet 16, gulp how did that happen), and 1/2 yard for the last Patchwork Party border. I received my monthly FQ bundle which added 3 yards. I'm excited to be over 100 yards busted! Now to work on keeping that "added" number to under 100 (at least until October when the Moda Aster Manor fabric collection comes out)!

I had an urge to go quilt shop hopping the other day, but I resisted going anywhere since the gas prices are skyrocketing! I did poke a couple buttons but it was for patterns and books only.

Here are my numbers to date:
  • Fabric Added: 3 yards
  • Fabric Added to Date: 84.50 yards
  • Fabric Used: 12.0 yards
  • Fabric Used to Date (goal 150): 104 yards
    Net Used: 19.50 yards
My goal for the week is to finish the Hot Cross blocks, 7 more to go.


Yvette said...

Yay! You are doing great!!!

I think I am the only quilter I know that doesn't have a real stash. I only buy fabric when I have a pattern to use it for. Unfortunately, I have a ton of patterns on my list to get done. If I ever can't afford to buy fabric I will be set for about 3 yrs of projects to do. LOL!!! If gas prices keep going up, that may be next month. Grrrrrrrrrrr

Kare said...

That Total Fabric Added is a real eye opener, isn't it? I am in the same spot as you, and I am afraid that once I break 100 yards, what number will I feel compelled to stop at after that . . .
I love the blocks you are working on - do they go fast?

Vicky said...

I noticed those gas prices creeping up also. It seems to always do that before the 4th of July holidays. Your totals looks great! Waytago!

Pat said...

awesome job ob using the stash!

i noticed gas prices on the rise too. :(