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Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Friday!

At least I'm hoping it'll be a happy Friday. Today I am having my right eye laser surgery. I'm hoping it goes as good (or even better) as the left eye. Today is suppose to be cloudy and rainy so I won't be blinded by the sun when I leave. My eyes are so dilated from those drops. The last time there was only a sliver of brown showing.

The assistant shouldn't have a problem holding my head against the chin rest either because I'll probably be sleeping through the procedure. I was really hoping I'd luck out this year, but allergy season has arrived and for the past 3 nights I have not gotten a decent night's sleep. I wish ragweed would become extinct. ;0) This weekend I'm going to try a Neti pot to cleanse my nasal passages. My doctor swore by it last year but by the time she told me, the allergy season was over. So fingers crossed that it works because the Nasonex doesn't seem to be cutting it anymore and Flonase didn't work at all.

I'll see how I feel tonight. I have the pieced border for Deck the Halls sewn together and just have to sew it to the center square. I'd sure like to finish the top this weekend!

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Karen said...

Praying your surgery goes well. My mother-in-law loves her neti pot. It really helps with her sinus problems.