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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week #40 Stash Report

It was a pretty good week! Let me start by saying I went shop hopping this week, and I added 4 yards of Animal Party fabric which will be a quilt for my nephew. That may seem like a lot but in the past I would have bought 20 or 30 yards so I think I did a great job! My monthly FQ bundle (Aster Manor!!!!) came which added another 3 yards.

I also used 4.75 yards of fabric this week for the borders on Alpha Buddies, a little bag, and the center and round 1 of He Loves My Daisies. So like I said it was a good week!

Here are my numbers to date:

Fabric Added: 7.00 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 112.50 yards
Fabric Used: 4.75 yards
Fabric Used to Date (goal 150): 128.25 yards
Net Used: 15.75 yards

My goal for the week is to continue cutting fabric for He Loves My Daisies and sew round 2 on.


Vicky said...

You're still in the positive usage category! You've done really well this year!

Pat said...

Good job showing restraint on the Shop Hop! and starting a new *older* project...woohoo!

QuiltingAroundTheWorld said...

Ok it only took me 5 visits to see that I COULD leave a message. DUH. HEYYYY !! Hope life is treating you good! Good here except I lost Sunshine 2 weeks ago. She had gotten pretty antique according to the vet. Anywho, hugs those furry babies while ya have 'em. :)