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Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 8/30 To-Do List

I got lots done during the weekend.  This week my list isn't too big since we've got other things going on.  The items in blue are my main priorities
  • Knit 3 more repeats (on #8 currently) on Caramello -  Caramello is finished!
  • Decide on yarn for next shawl
  • Wind yarn (from above) into ball
  • Cast on next shawl
  • Start piecing Welcome to My Pad
  • Quilt Alpha Buddies (Saturday)
  • Finish binding Alpha Buddies (over halfway done)
  • Make label for Alpha Buddies (should have put this on before I quilted it...arrrghhh)
  • Quilt table topper
  • Go to Sam's Club
  • Ongoing - Work on piecing backings to use up some stash
  • Ongoing - Work on sorting/cutting scraps (currently 2 medium sized bins and grocery bag)
  • Ongoing - Enter data into family tree database and organize hard copies

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jillquilts said...

So what is on your task list for tonight? lol